For Modellers, Remodellers & Do-It-Yourself Installers


There’s no questioning remodelling a home can positively change the way people relate to it and how they appreciate it. That said, please consider the following if you are thinking of remodelling:

  • How access and traffic patterns may change
  • How daylight will enter the room
  • How energy from the sun will affect interior heating and cooling
  • How the windows and/or doors you install will provide ventilation
  • How it will ultimately honour the look you want

At Bowen Windows Inc. we know the Ottawa area well, including many of its beautiful older homes. We appreciate how today’s wooden windows preserve the architectural purity of these houses. In working with your home’s existing openings, Bowen will help you plan the replacement of cold, draft-prone fixtures with warm, natural wooden windows made from quality woods.

Do It Yourself

For those who prefer to do it themselves, here are some tips for measuring:

Measuring for a Complete Window Replacement:

  • The first thing you will need to check is the Masonry Opening (MO)
  • Width measure from the outside of the left brickmould to the outside of the right brickmould
  • Height measure from the outside top of the brickmould to the bottom outside of the sill
  • Measure from the interior finish to the outside sheathing to determine wall thickness
  • Next, you will need to will need to find the Rough Opening (RO)
  • Remove the interior casing from around the window
  • Width measure between the left and right studs
  • Height measure between the header and the sill plate
  • If you are installing different size windows, your plans should include MO and RO measurements
  • Be sure to give this information to Bowen Windows Inc. when ordering and don’t miss our “great tips” and “hot links” pages for other excellent do-it-yourself websites
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