In Canada, we see many different climate types. Whether it’s rain, snow or sunshine, our home go through a lot. It takes quite a bit of energy to keep your home warm and comfortable in the winter months while nice and cool in the summer months.

Your home’s windows are one of the top sources of energy loss. Having energy efficient windows in your home and the proper window treatments/coverings can greatly increase the comfort level of your home and help reduce your energy waste.

Low-E Windows

The E in Low-E, or emissivity, is basically a measurement of how much heat can get through your glass. Untreated glass has a high E rating, meaning the heat from infrared (IR) energy transfers easily into your home. A low-E coating helps to insulate the glass and prevent thermal transfer. Low emission coatings are a good way to help keep cooling costs down in the summer by blocking extra heat from the sun entering your home. On the other side of the glass, it blocks infrared energy from escaping your cozy, warm house in the winter.

Window Coverings

Another way to fight energy loss through your windows is by using proper window treatments. With the right window treatments, you can add both a decorative feature to your home and overall energy efficiency.

Interior Blinds

According to the US Department of Energy, interior blinds can when closed and lowered on sunny days, reduce heat gain by up to 45%. Blinds don’t really help with heat loss in the winter months (because of all the holes, gaps, and spaces they have), but can be very effective in the warmer, summer months. They can also help deflect sunlight and glare that comes in through the windows. Blinds come in many, many different styles, so you will be sure to find something that works perfectly for your home.

Mesh Window Screens

Most windows have mesh window screens on them, but did you know that those screens can help diffuse solar radiation and reduce heat gain in your home? Mesh windows screens are installed on the exterior of your windows.

There are many other types of window treatments that you can look into that will help reduce energy waste and increase the comfort level of your home. Find the right one for your home and start saving energy today.

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