Bowen Windows and Doors Ottawa: The Perfect Fit.

Adding value to the home is a sensible course in light of the financial significance of home investment. When a house is well composed – balanced and attractive inside and from every angle outside – it personifies characteristics like integrity, grace and class. At Bowen Windows & Doors, we don’t simply sell windows and doors – we sell experiences! We understand that owning a home is a journey marked by changes and upgrades that need undoubtedly over the years be embraced by owners and appreciated by visitors.


A door should be more than merely an entrance, but a small means of expressing a warm greeting. More than that even, it should emphasize a sense of arrival, of comfort. Given the doors of your home mark an invitation into a private domain, choosing the right colour, design and texture is essential to how people will experience the rooms in your home. There are unlimited styles at the heart of the essence of a room – spacious and light, cozy and intimate, minimalistic – but a consultation with one of our knowledgeable staff members will help to clarify what course is best for your home. To explore options ranging from solid wood, glass, steel or fiberglass to sliding or swinging patio and terrace doors,  Visit our Doors Showcase


People are innately drawn to light. It serves to sustain life on earth and, for its beauty, has an ethereal quality matched by few phenomena. In the home windows can work to invite light and lend a natural ambiance. The primary tool we use at Bowen to shape the home in ways you would never dream of is space. We can offer you every conceivable shape and size of house window: custom, bay, bow, awning, gliding, sliding, casement and, for more, Visit our Windows Showcase

Save Your Money and the Environment

With the aim of ensuring minimal energy is lost through the windows of your home, each one of our windows is fitted with weather stripping applications and insulations; standard double or triple glazing; high-quality Low E coatings; and argon gas between the glass sheets to produce R values of 4 to 8. In addition to reducing harmful ultraviolet rays that can damage fabrics and furniture, our windows can help you save you by controlling the temperature of your home in the throes of a blistery winter or in the heat of sweltering summer.

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