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Custom Windows

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We have windows in almost every shape and size imaginable, ensuring the options to that special custom look for your home are as limitless as the imagination is creative. A small narrow window can offer a tantalizing sliver of a view, while an octagonal window can make a dramatic statement. Really, the possibilities are endless!

Gliding and Sliding Windows

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The beauty of sliding and gliding windows rests in their very simplicity. With one fixed sash and one sliding sash for ventilation, they look particularly stunning in combination with a picture or an arched window.

A simple design promotes reliability and durability and is a great option where outside clearance is limited. Outside screens also help to keep insects from the sliding track and, by extension, from your home.

For added security, a heavy-duty cam lock with extruded vinyl track can also be used to allow for additional peace of mind.

Bow & Bay Windows

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Few things compare to the undeniable charm and beauty of a gently sweeping bow or bay window. In addition to a great way to add more light and space to your home, either option can be used to create the perfect setting for a reading corner, breakfast nook or even a mini greenhouse. You can choose between fixed or operating windows, three angles of 34, 45 or 90 degrees, and even have a seat built into in the bay!

Awning Windows

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To an already inspiring window landscape, awning windows are a unique means of bringing air and light into small, dark places in your home. They are also versatile and can be stacked vertically or side by side to create a dramatic effect. The rugged hardware and quick release sash action add to the awning’s appeal, while its unique bottom opening style provides airflow and guards the interior of your home from rain and snow.

Casement Windows

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Perhaps it’s the slim wood sash of casement windows that permit for unobstructed viewing, the smooth opening and closing for great ventilation, or simply the uncluttered elegance of the windows themselves that set casements apart.

For many reasons, casement windows prove among the most popular. They boast a large glass area that carpets a room in light. Also, grilles or divided lights can be added to create a traditional look.

A great feature of the casements available at Bowen is that the sash of the windows opens at 90 degrees for cleaning and better air circulation.

Double Hung Windows

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Double hung windows today duplicate old world windows and mirror a style that is simply stunning. While aesthetically traditional, they offer a comfort and energy efficiency that is strictly contemporary.

Whether for use in the construction of a new home or remodeling project, double hung windows allow for easy opening and closing action, and exhibit a great thermal performance that makes them a popular choice.

The attractive tilt feature of the double hung, which allows the sash to tilt into the room at your convenience, makes cleaning a simple task.




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