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Bowen Windows & Doors: Ottawa’s market leader in energy efficient windows.

energy efficient windowsOf late, technical advancements in window framing and glazing materials have significantly enhanced energy durability, sustaining a more comfortable, brighter, cleaner and healthier home environment. As Ottawa’s market leader in energy efficient windows and doors,
Bowen Windows & Doors Ottawa offers an impressive selection of superior quality and made-to-order options all designed with the desired conservation in mind. The result is a contemporary design available in single-hung, gliding, casement, awning and specialty fixed styles.

The industry standard for energy efficient glass coatings is Low-Emissivity (LoE) glazing. Coating a glass surface between each pane with LoE material can block a sizeable amount of heat transfer, reducing your home’s need for energy-consuming climate control systems.

Bowen windows come with a highly sustainable structural composite that blends the best attributes of wood fiber and polymer, resulting in strength and stability in any temperature. It is also resistant to rotting, chipping and termites.

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